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Romwe Review With Guide Shopping On Romwe An honest review on Romwe to answer the popular questions 'Is Romwe Legit?', 'Is Romwe...

Romwe Review, Is Romwe Legit? Romwe Shopping Guide

Romwe Review With Guide Shopping On Romwe

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An honest review on Romwe to answer the popular questions 'Is Romwe Legit?', 'Is Romwe Scam?' a guide to shopping on Romwe and every other popular questions bothering how genuine Romwe is and how good Romwe products are.

If you've been looking for a Romwe review that answers these questions and more. You have to read further because you are at the right place at the right time to know everything about Romwe, Romwe products, Romwe clothing quality and full Romwe review.

If you’re on the lookout on where you can possibly get trendy fashion wears on a low budget, then you may settle for Romwe.
Romwe, is one of those Chinese fashion stores where you can get trendy stuffs for a ridiculous low amount.
Although, Romwe is a Chinese-based fashion store, it is precisely different from Shein. Shopping on Romwe is way cheaper. It is important you know exactly where you’re shopping from. Shopping on Romwe is a decent way to cut cost more especially, if you trying to stack your wardrobe with some nice-looking outfits. Romwe sells cheap stuffs.

But you might be wondering if this Romwe is legit and can they be trusted? First things first. Romwe, is a legit online fashion store. You get to see cute, trendy and cheap stuffs. However, there are mixed reactions from buyers who can only express their thoughts about the company through reviews.
Is Romwe legit? With a resounding yes, this company is a legit international fashion store. The prices you see on the site are real. However, the horrid experience some buyers get after a first or two visits can make one to doubt their credence.

Why order from Romwe?

  • Romwe, is one of the best fashion stores to get trendy stuffs for a very cheap price. 
  • Safe store to shop from. Romwe is not a scam site. You may not get the finest products from there. But you should know, this company must remain in business. They can’t possibly sell the very best for that price they offer. 
  • Finally, Romwe, is the place to be if you consider value more than quality.

How reliable is Romwe? 

Romwe is a legit, safe and reliable fashion store where you get cheap shoes, clothings, jewelry, sandals, for men and women. 
Now, to save yourself from getting worked-up unnecessarily, a proper diligence should be carried before you make a purchase. Before you make that order, here are some tips for your perusal:

Quality of product

Romwe qualities are not the very best. The irate display by some buyers is quite understanding. Most times, the products doesn’t tally with the descriptions. Most of the clothings comes with good designs, but in low quality fabrics. This is a simple way to say cheap things often comes in cheap packages.
The clothing are low-grade fabrics. The annoying part is most times, they are made of polyester fabrics. Complaining about the low quality clothing from Romwe, may not hold water, as a matter of fact, you get what you pay for.
Maybe next time you may want to consider shopping from one of the high-profile fashion stores. Return policy Is Romwe legit? If there is anything to trust about Romwe’s site is its return policy clearly written. Going through it will determine your next line of action. It is well spelt out and straight to the point. Before you make an order, it is advisable you go through it. Here is the return policy of Romwe:

  1. Must be received within 30 days from delivery.
  2. Must be received unused, no perfume, odor, not damaged, not worn.
  3. Can’t return intimates-underwear, bras, accessories, swimwear, jewelry i.e., anything sensitive can’t be returned. 
  4. Refund in seven business days after Romwe receives the return and confirms its condition.
  5. You have to pay for the return shipping 

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Customer service

A majority of bad reviews on Romwe, comes from the poor service experienced from its customer service department. The customer service appear slow. Not every individual can wait patiently before tagging a site ‘’scam’’. Romwe must consider customers happiness. It can be unprofessional to see there is no service number on their site, trying to table a complaint or make an enquiry, but end up with no response can be frustrating.

Sizing issue

Sizing basics is one of the issues most Chinese-based fashion sites usually have. They either come short or small. If you must buy from Romwe, knowing your exact size will help you when selecting your measurement. Get your tape handy. Sizing your measurement before hitting the order button will help you out. Do not depend on the size cart or select a UK size. With this you will be fine. 


Is Romwe legit? It is still a legit company, although they’ve have issues with shipping. The delay customers get is not good business for Romwe. Products sometimes get delayed depending on the quantity of products ordered and distance can also warrant the delay. Buyers should note that Romwe ships from China. The products getting down to Europe or UK, or any part of the world would not be same. Try to stay patient. But, if it exceeds the given time, contact the customer service department. Sometimes, the delay may not entirely be caused by Romwe, it could be delayed due to different customs rules pertaining to certain countries.

Don’t pay for express shipping.

Despite the fact you want that order arrive as quick as possible, it is not the best to pay for express shipping. It will amaze you that the 24 hour – 5 days arrival time might turn to weeks. Most times, some of the clothes you see online are either out of stock or still in the process of being factory-made.

Check reviews by actual people

Before you make an order, it is wise to check reviews on people who have used or bought the product. Do not be swayed by the beautiful pictures you see online. Of course, that’s the purpose of advert.
Romwe, has done its part by displaying those beautiful pictures, it is your part to view it thoroughly. Going through these tips would guild you. The choice to buy or not is yours. In all honesty, shopping on Romwe is not generally bad. One or two hitches experienced by some buyers would only need improvement.
Romwe products are cheap, that best explains the rationale behind the low quality products you get. You either manage or give it out. If this is your first time shopping on Romwe, it won’t be a bad idea if you give it a try. A direct experience can be more accurate.